How to be a Badass Citizen… and not get arrested

How to be a Badass Citizen… and not get arrested, (A few sneaky tips on what you can do at home to be more self-sufficient!)

Ever have one of those days when you wake up and feel like you just want to do something BADASS?

Where you feel like the little kid inside of you with the slingshot who’s been grounded ever since your grade 2 teacher grilled you for leaving the dead toad on her chair, is just itching to get a chance to come out and play again?

Vinnie the Virago

Yes, that’s me and my little baby, Vinnie the Virago, whom I still shed tears for since I no longer have him.

You might be thinking, but I’m no badass. On the outside, I surely am not. No really, I’m as sweet as that sugar-coated lolly pop that you are sucking on with those cherry chap-sticks of yours. But even I have my badass moments. That’s why one day I woke up and bought a motorbike. True Story.


I find that the badass inside of me tends to show her face in certain times of turmoil. You know those moments. The ones where everything you seem to be doing is wrong and that no one seems to give a damn about your petty attempts to give it another shot. When it seems that society is plotting revenge against you for simply just trying to make things work. When it seems that the government has nothing better to do with its time other than lay out more bureaucratic red tape leaving you feel trapped and helpless. 


Sometimes it feels like the world is out there to screw you over. Whether that be your loud neighbour, the car cutting in front of you at the lights, the little twat who stole your place in the checkout line or the government bureaucrats just doing their ‘pain in the ass’ jobs. I’m 89% certain that 77.97% of government policies are made for the wrong reason and are there to make the average citizen like myself s-u-f-f-e-r. Slight over-exaggeration, maybe. But maybe not?


Half the time it may feel like the government is leading society in the completely wrong direction. Case in point – need I go into depth about the upsurge of legal cases against Monsanto that have turned sour? Thanks Obama (<–please watch the link if you haven’t already. It’ll make you laugh, I promise). I’m not even American and I feel the pain.


So does this make you feel helpless my fellow citizens? Especially when the government acts like they are the helpless puppet to the conniving puppeteers behind the curtain.


When in fact, the truth comes across that they may not actually give a damn about the poor Farmer down the road who has been left no choice but to fight for his rights in court against the big multinationals who are destroyed his livelihood. That the poor single mum of two around the block is living off welfare cheques and barely scraping together enough to put dinner on the table. If we can’t rely on the government to protect these people, to protect our best interests, then who are we to rely on at all?


Ok Emily, back up here. You’re starting to sound like a crazy lunatic.

Or am I? *awkward wink*

Yes, so sometimes the government, evil corporation, dude at the checkout, *insert pet peeve* or whoever else, depending if it’s that day of the month for you, is easier to blame. I’m not here to point fingers though because, well, that would be pointless. Nor do I want this to just be one big whinging-fest. I want this to be all about SOLUTIONS (and subtly getting up in the face of these people and you, being badass and all). It’s at these times when all else seems hopeless that we should give ourselves a chance to, you know, shake things up a bit. Get down and giggy. Have a little fun. Loosen the tongue and puff out the cheeks.


Enter the Rebel with a cause!


Dust off those leather boots and clamp down the buckle. It’s at times likes these that you need to bust out your inner James Dean.


Because nothing else seems to be working for you!



Need some inspiration?


People are taking a stance. Heard of the Occupy Movements?

Or maybe you’ve heard of the upcoming March against Monsanto movement that is gaining momentum too. Yes, I had to peg this here. I’ll be attending so if you aren’t, you can still show your support by spreading the word!

But you can be your own rebel with a cause without being a crazy banner waving protester and still call yourself a badass citizen. Don’t worry. Nothing worthy of arrest here. Shucks. Sorry guys.

In fact, what you personally do, probably won’t even make the government blink an eyelid. BUT! It’s what we do as a collective that will really make them turn their heads. So here we go.


5 Ways to Be a Badass Citizen



1. Buy locally grown produce from farmer’s markets or community distributors

Bypass the supermarkets that are hubs for conventionally grown produce that import a large majority of their food and leaves local farmers with little more than a cent to their name. These corporations are generating obese profits that make for an unsustainable food system. You really are voting with your dollar every time you choose to buy locally and support farmers who are doing the right thing by their community.


2. Understand who you are financially investing in

Where you invest your money is as crucial as what you are spending your consumer dollar on. There are growing opportunities surrounding ethical investments, credit unions and local co-op businesses. If you want to take power back from the corporations that you morally disagree with, then choose to invest your money elsewhere.


3. Seek alternative methods for consuming/trading goods

Buy second hand where possible. Recycle or bring to life goods that still have a second life left in them. For example, that coffee table that’s a bit wobbly on it’s left legs, give it some TLC, a good clean, a fresh coat of paint and you have yourself a whole new piece of furniture that will give IKEA a run for its money. How about trading your backyard grown veggies with neighbors. Initiatives like this are gaining steam.

4. Save on electricity, water and taxes

This is a no brainer. Don’t give yourself one more thing to complain about with the rising costs of utilities, oil and transport. Make every attempt to reduce your consumption of these things and you will hardly notice the price increases as they happen. Utility companies and governments are even giving money back to home owners who utilise solar panels! Sick of paying for fuel, insurance and road taxes? Then forgo your car altogether. This may seem extreme but at the very least, if you’re always the one complaining about how much money you forked out on your car registration this year, then take a second look at the car you are driving. Is that fuel guzzling SUV really necessary or can you simply downsize to a more economical vehicle?

5. Become a homesteading guru

Time to bust out those ‘Great Depression’ glass jars and get preserving, culturing, you name it. Imagine a day when you can provide for your family using 90% of what you create and grow at home. We’ve lost touch with these age old traditions and it’s about time we dug them up again so our children have a chance at learning the importance of self-sustenance. DIY clothes, cleaning products, furniture, decorations, gifts – let your imagination run wild! Or just refer to Google or Youtube.


Do you qualify for badass citizenship? What other ways are you acting out as a rebel with a cause?

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