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Mastering The Soft Skills of Sustainability

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I have something important to share with you. It’s been weighing on my heart for some time. It’s a feeling of guilt. A feeling of not being enough. Of not being the bigger, better person that I so desperately want to be…. now.  Of not speaking up enough about this cause that I am so passionately and whole-heartedly invested in – the cause to leave this planet, and my impact on this planet, better for tomorrow than I left it yesterday. PAID ENDORSEMENT …

6 Foods That Are Best To Eat Organic

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It seems like all this talk of organic foods began only a few years back. Some may even consider it a passing trend like Pogo-sticks, The Spice Girls and Pokemon cards. But we know better don’t we? Step back in time a few decades ago, and everyone ate organic produce as compared to non-organic (conventional) foods now. There was only one way to grow and care for fruit and vegetables – the natural way. We didn’t care for economies of scale, maximizing profits and scaling operations to unmanageable …

Beekeeping in Romania and The Unromantic Side of ‘Romantic’ Dreams

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That’s a lot of ‘romans’ in one blog title.   It’s no coincidence though. This post is a little past its due by date, but I’m going ahead and getting it up because it’s oh so fitting and oh so timely.   You see, I’ve just wrapped up my time in Romania.   I really am on a journey with no end. Home one minute, up and away the next.   I’m not in this to give you travel advice …

Healthy Cheap Meals and Shopping Tips For Broke College Students (& the budget-inclined)

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So I was posed with the question – what are some healthy cheap meals a college student can enjoy that doesn’t involve cheese sandwiches and 2-minute noodles? (not that they count as healthy OR environmentally friendly by any means).   I am the perfect person to answer this question. After all, I’ve been there and walked in your shoes. Both as a cash-strapped university student and a budget-inclined, poorly paid employee looking for healthy cheap meals that made me feel as good inside as they …

Is It Time To Put Your Lifestyle On A Diet?

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We have a modern obsession with dieting. From Jenny Craig, to Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine, Diet Shakes, Bikini Boot Camps and Detox Teas.   It’s a $580 BILLION industry.    There’s no denying that DIETING SELLS.

Permaculture Biofilter Duck Pond (Update) One Year Later

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This is one post I am so excited to share with you! If you remember, last year I had the privilege of helping one of my dear friends and her husband build a Biofilter Duck Pond. You can read more about those adventures in building the Biofilter Duck Pond in this blog post. It was a big learning experience for all of us and one I was thrilled to be part of. I recently had the pleasure of visiting them a whole year later and gees, …

My Latest Love List For The Month Of May

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It was about high time I shared with you a few things that I have fallen in love with of late. So I thought I’d bundle them all up into a love list. I enjoy reading these sort of posts from other bloggers because let’s face it, who doesn’t like to snoop into what other people are really digging, doing and totally gushing over? In a non-creepy way of course.   Considering we are nearing the end of May, (wait …

3 Ingredient Coffee Banana Smoothie (Paleo, Dairy-Free, Vegan)

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There’s no denying. I like coffee.  A lot. Guilty as charged. So much so, when I travelled through Central America last year, I made every attempt to learn everything I could about what goes into coffee production, how it affects the local communities who grow the coffee beans and what’s the most sustainable way to go about sourcing it. From a coffee-drinker’s point of view, making these decisions requires a fair amount of research. It’s not just about wiping away the drippings of …