Beekeeping in Romania and The Unromantic Side of ‘Romantic’ Dreams

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Beekeeping in Romania and The Unromantic Side of 'Romantic' Dreams

That’s a lot of ‘romans’ in one blog title.


It’s no coincidence though. This post is a little past its due by date, but I’m going ahead and getting it up because it’s oh so fitting and oh so timely.


You see, I’ve just wrapped up my time in Romania.


I really am on a journey with no end. Home one minute, up and away the next.


I’m not in this to give you travel advice though. I’m here to give you real world reflections from a 20-something year old trying to find her place in the world and hopefully, teaching you a thing or two about yourself in the process. That you can use my words as a mirror of reflection into your own life.


So I wasn’t just in any old place in Romania… but on a beekeeping farm.



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Dreaming of Travel? Why Not Volunteer Abroad On An Organic Farm?

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Volunteer abroad on an Organic Farm

Imagine waking up to sound of toucans in the lush green mountains of Costa Rica. A layer of mist hovering over the jungle as first sunlight gently wakes you from your slumber.


You spend your morning doing manual labor; digging, planting, catching fish, harvesting food, or whatever tasks need your attention that day. It’s sweaty and hard work but on the inside, it feels good to move; to use your body and feel energized to do so. Rewarded with a hearty lunch of local cuisine and an afternoon to swing in the hammock, read, do yoga, swim in the waterfalls, wander through the jungle or just sit and be present.


That Time I Thought I Had it All Figured Out…

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That time I thought I had it all figured out...

It was the one week that changed my life. I didn’t know this at the time but a pebble had been thrown into the open lake, instigating a ripple effect which would set the foundation for the rest of my life.


Permaculture Paradise on Isla de Ometepe

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Permaculture Paradise on Isla de Ometepe - The Urban EcolifeImagine a lush green volcanic island teeming with such an abundance of natural beauty that as each day passes, you become more possessed by the temptation to scrap the rest of your travel plans and pitch a tent there for the remaining days of your life on planet earth and allow the mystic draw of the place to swallow your soul whole. An island with a sort of ‘Jurassic Park-like’ appeal that’s bursting with natural biodiversity, foliage the brightest shades of green one has ever seen, two large volcanoes towering over keeping watch from above, nutrient rich and fertile soil providing means for growing an abundance of native and organic food, and a melting pot of cultures where lost travelers come to find themselves.


9 Healthy Travel Snacks For The Backpacker Who Prefers Not to Live Off Instant Noodles

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9 Healthy Travel Snacks - The Urban Ecolife

It’s all too easy to forgo your health whilst travelling when adopting the, “I’m on holidays and therefore I’m allowed to indulge and do whatever the hell I want…. again, because I’m holidays.” Yes, ok, in some situations, it’s amazing to indulge. Granted, you are on holidays. I get it. So I’ll let that excuse to slip in on the odd occasion. For some people, taking a short weekend trip or even a trip that’s less than a month, ‘indulging‘ may not be such a big deal. Soon enough, you’ll be home and able to resume life as normal and all will be back to normal. For those of us who are on the road for a prolonged or even undefined period of time, if you maintain this attitude and lifestyle beyond a few weeks, you may simply find yourself either lacking energy, your immune system burned out or yourself locked forever in the toilet cubicle or worse yet, your head in the gutter. All that, and not to mention the rather depressing number dwindling in your bank account.


Earth Lodge: An Eco-Retreat Paradise Outside of Antigua

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Earth Lodge - An Eco-Retreat Paradise Outside of Antigua - The Urban Ecolife

As we winded our way up the mountains and Antigua faded away behind in the background, I suddenly felt a sense of relief. Don’t get me wrong. I loved my time in Antigua, Guatemala. Who could say otherwise when you spent a large portion of that time stuffing your face with some of the best organic chocolate, coffee and macadamias on offer. Not to mention, the luxurious stay at the Yellow House Hostel which I have the The Globetrotting Girls recommendation to thank for. On arrival at this hostel, I couldn’t help but childishly grin as the lady at the desk welcomed me and showed me around, making a point to emphasis the solar power panels on top of the terrace. It was like a little piece of jungle paradise in the middle of Antigua. But this post isn’t about the Yellow House. I’d recommend staying there anyway, even if it was just for the delicious breakfast, comfortable beds, impeccable bathrooms, hot showers, unbeatable ‘all day’ happy hour, and chilled terrace vibe.


My Visit to an Organic Macadamia Farm Reveals Why Macadamia Lovers Can Rejoice!

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Macadamia Nut Lovers Rejoice! My Visit to an Organic Macadamia Farm Reveals Why! - The Urban Ecolife

I never intended this blog to become a travel blog and it won’t, for the most part anyway. So don’t fret. My intention has, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, to share with you The Urban Ecolife. My life right now though, being on the road and exploring the wonderful diversity of the world, is something I cannot NOT share with you. The incredible glimpses into other ways of life that reflect the ecolife I want to embody myself is too good of an experience to pass up on sharing. So share I will and gladly so. Buckle up. Today, we venture to the delectable organic macadamia nut farm located on the outskirts of Antigua, Guatemala.


Is there such thing as Sustainable Coffee? (and it’s not just about being Organic)

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Does Organic Coffee really even matter? - The Urban Ecolife

Confession time. I’m a caffeine addict. Whoa Emily… starting it off heavy.


I’ve been this way since who knows how long. Probably when my Dad bought his first espresso machine back when I was fresh out of high school. I figure I could have worse addictions because at least this one brings with it some health benefits (but I won’t delude myself into believing that there aren’t plenty of downsides as well). There’s something about the morning ritual, the social experience and the indulgence of splurging ridiculous amounts of money on just one cup of coffee at a nice cafe (in Australia at least) that does more for me than simply the caffeine hit. Something I’m sure other addicts can agree with me on. Of course, I’m not swigging the cup of Joe like water (depending on the day) and I do try to keep it in moderation, but being in Guatemala, where organic and sustainable coffee appears to be the norm and costs little more than a bottle of water, I can’t help but down a few cups here and there. Seriously, this stuff is good.