3 Ingredient Coffee Banana Smoothie (Paleo, Dairy-Free, Vegan)

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3 Ingredient Coffee Banana Smoothie (Dairy-Free, Paleo, Vegan) - The Urban Ecolife

There’s no denying. I like coffee.  A lot. Guilty as charged. So much so, when I travelled through Central America last year, I made every attempt to learn everything I could about what goes into coffee production, how it affects the local communities who grow the coffee beans and what’s the most sustainable way to go about sourcing it. From a coffee-drinker’s point of view, making these decisions requires a fair amount of research. It’s not just about wiping away the drippings of guilt when you indulge in your daily latte. It’s about making the best choices possible for you, local communities and the environment.


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My Chai Banana Milkshake Brings All The Dairy-Free Boys to The Yard

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Chai Banana Milkshake (Dairy-Free)

I know those of you trapped in the Northern-sphere are probably just starting to recover from being bunked up in your houses escaping the blizzards. All I can think of is how amazing snow would be right now. Snowmen, snow cones, snow fights, snow angels, snow mobiles, snow, snow, snow! I’m one deprived snow child but I’m sure there’s something I’m clearly missing.


Mixed Spice Orange Chocolate Balls

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Mixed Spice Orange Chocolate Balls - The Urban Ecolife

It’s that time of year again.


12 Paleo Recipe Blogs To Drool Over

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12 Paleo Recipe Blogs To Drool Over - The Urban Ecolife

Since my current ‘circumstances’ that have something to do with gypsy-like global gallivanting often finds me far from the comfort of a kitchen (possibly the only downside of travel… oh, and missing loved ones at home probably ranks up there too), I don’t have a great deal of opportunity to get stuck into my usual weekly routine of real food recipe creation. If you haven’t noticed this, I’ll forgive you. I don’t shy away from the fact that sometimes I feel like I’m living in the shadows of some of the greatest recipe bloggers known to man. Truth of the matter is, my blog isn’t a recipe blog. SHOCK HORROR. It never intended to be though. I just love to freaking make a mess in the kitchen and stuff my face with glorious, healthy, real food. So I share these tasty creations (yes, I am intentionally protecting you from the ones that don’t turn out) with you when I can in hope of inspiring you on your own real, sustainable food journey.


Roasted Broccoli and Zucchini with Feta and Almonds (and a secret ingredient)

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Roasted Broccoli and Zucchini with Feta and Almonds (and a secret ingredient!) | The Urban Ecolife

What’s not to love about a simple side of greens that have been dressed up for the Cinderella Ball with almonds and feta? If you haven’t tried roasted broccoli, you need to jump on this bandwagon STAT. And, if you can’t tell from the picture already, I added another little secret ingredient.



Jazzed Up Spiced Roasted Root Vegetables

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Spiced Roasted Root Vegetables - The Urban Ecolife

Vegetables are the core of my diet. Yeah, go figure. I eat a heck of a lot of them, more so than probably most people I know. My favourite way of preparing vegetables would have to be roasted, doused with ghee or coconut oil, and with copious amounts of salt, spices or herbs sprinkled on top. THE BEST. Gone are the day or boring steamed vegetables. Ok, I’ll admit. Some days I really do just crave good ol’ steamed vegetables. Trust me on this though; you need to jump on the roasted root vegetables bandwagon if you haven’t already.


5 Ingredient, Super Easy Banana Cake That Is Total Gooey Goodness (Gluten, Sugar & Dairy Free)

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 5 Ingredient Banana Cake that's super moist (Gluten, Dairy & Sugar-free) - The Urban Ecolife

Now cut me some slack. When I say 5 ingredients, this excludes the salt and the optional coconut sugar. Got it? Great. Ok. Now we can move on.


50 Gluten-Free Mexican & Central American Recipes!

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50 Gluten-free Mexican & Central American Recipes - Hosted by The Urban Ecolife


Guess what? I’m in Central America!



I’ve been hanging down here since April as part of my life in transition and am totally high on life and tacos right now. Oh so many tacos. I must admit though, as cheap and delicious as they come, I do miss some good ol’ home-cooked vegetables. Dearest vegetables, oh how I crave you. But yes, the food is quite amazing and readily available on every street corner in all shapes, sizes and for all price ranges. Whilst I try and keep my sanity eating as local and natural as possible and opt for gluten-free Mexican and Central American dishes (for the most part), there are always going to be exceptions.


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