Dehydrated Apple and Banana Chips (with Cinnamon & Coconut Oil of course!)

Dehydrated Cinnamon Apple and Banana Chips - The Urban Ecolife

I’ve gone dehydrator crazy which explains why I’ve got some dehydrated apple and banana chips coming your way! That thing has been working overtime and I have Vivica from The Nourished Caveman to thank. You see, I’m bunking at her place for a wee bit and ever since we made her Golden Flax Crackers in the dehydrator (recipe video coming soon!), I’ve been having a wild time. Like a real hoot. All the ducks are going quackers with me. Maybe the solitude is starting to get me? I do have only the company of animals right now. The crazy cat lady inside me is being exposed. Wow. I never thought I’d see the day. 


The irony of the whole situation is that I never was a cat person. You know how you’re either one of the other? It’s an eternal divide that I’m sure has caused Civil Wars. You are required to take a side. Like the Seahawks vs Broncos (I’m totally American now ya’ll). The Democrats vs Republicans. Goku vs Vegeta (Oh yes. I DID just reference Dragon Ball Z). Vanilla vs Chocolate. It’s some sort of human law regarding feline/canine relations. There’s no sitting on the fence here guys. Anyway, I’ve always been a dog person largely because my family has never owned a pet cat growing up. I just know dogs, you know. In fact, my first encounter with a cat was probably some childhood memory that has now been pushed to the back of mind to only cause me subconscious grief. That’s the only reason I can attribute for my lack of respect for the species. That is, until now. Don’t write me off yet!! Even my souls deserves a second chance and I have had a total change of heart.


You see, I’ve come to realise each animal serves a purpose. Except mosquitoes. I still don’t know what their go is. Cats on the other hand; these little guys are the best rodent deterrents going around. So on a homestead, I get that. So we have a mutual respect of sorts going on. I feed them and give them rubs while they keep the little creatures out of my sight. I may, just may, enjoy their affectionate snuggles too. This little guy especially has my heart on a string right now.

Cute Tabby Cat

And all is well up here in the land of whoop whoop. Enough of cats and back to dehydrating. 

Dehydrated Cinnamon Apple and Banana Chips - The Urban Ecolife

In making these ‘chips’, for lack of a better word, you want to fill up the dehydrator with as much fruit as needed. This makes it more energy efficient since you don’t want to have the dehydrator on simply to do one tray! These fruit chips are a tasty snack that pair well together. Apples and bananas. Bananas and apples. It’s all good stuff here. Don’t forget the cinnamon and coconut! None of that nasty packaged stuff with artificial sweeteners and added sugar that you find adorning the supermarket shelves in bright coloured little plastic wrappers. Seriously, parents are feeding that stuff to their children. They aren’t to blame entirely though. Those fake fruit rolls are sugar-laden sticks of cocaine… but for kids. I know, because I once begged and pleaded my parents to shove them in my gob too. So time to crank up that dehydrator and get your snack-making skills on. Your kids will thank you for it (one day). Or you can just eat them yourself. Like me. All alone up here. So alone.

Cinnamon Banana Chips


Oh, and one last thing! If you don’t have a dehydrator, I’ve got you covered. You can totally win one of those nifty Excalibur Dehydrators by entering here! (entries close Feb. 28th!)

Dehydrated Cinnamon Apple and Banana Chips



  1. Slice the fruit into whatever shape takes your fancy. Just keep them as thin as possible otherwise they’ll never dehydrate.
  2. In separate bowls, dust and coat each with cinnamon and melted coconut oil.
  3. Use more cinnamon or coconut oil if need be.
  4. Line the tray with parchment paper, shiny side up.
  5. Lay the fruit on there appropriately, keeping the pieces from touching each other.
  6. Set the temperature to around 135°F (58°C).
  7. Allow to dehydrate for 12-18 hours. Time will vary depending on your dehydrator, how thinly you sliced your fruit and how crispy you want them. The bananas took the full 18 hours for me.
  8. You can test by feeling if they are still juicy, or simply taste test!
  9. Allow to cool before storing.


Some people soak them in lemon prior to dehydrating to stop the browning, but I figure, they’re being dusted with copious amounts of cinnamon anyway, so I’m happy for them to get a bit of holiday colour.


Cinnamon Apple Chips

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