The Best Natural Sleep Remedies (Bonus tips from other Natural Living Bloggers!)

The Best Natural Sleep Remedies (Bonus Tips from other Natural Living Bloggers) - The Urban Ecolife

Sleep – The Holy Grail of Life.


It can be a bit of a love/hate relationship at times.

It can feel soooo good when you get it, but soooo horrid when you can’t.


I know I’m making a brash statement here, but there are fewer horrid experiences in life (ok, maybe there are far more horrid experiences but let me paint my picture for a sec) than a sleepless night where you painfully toss and turn, praying to the heavens above that you just pass out. Literally. You can die from sleep deprivation people! This is serious business. That feeling the day after a restless night (or pulling an ‘all-nighter’ to catch up on missed episodes of The Walking Dead); the grogginess, agitation and irritability, it’s just so not worth it. It’s the equivalent to a really nasty hangover except the fact that you haven’t had a drop to drink in months. Such a cruel life.


But what is one meant to do when they suffer from this cruel fate when it’s totally not their fault?


New mama and papa bears know what this is all about. The screaming baby, poor little soul, wailing for comfort in whatever shape it may come. They come as little bundles of joy but it doesn’t take much for them to leave you gritting your teeth and clenching your white knuckles.


When all hope seem lost and the black droopy circles under the eyes begin to become more and more apparent, some serious reevaluating needs to begin. An overhaul in fact.


Quality sleep is so vitally important for a healthy existence. In fact, it could be THE single most important thing you do to help sustain your body and health. Without it, your health will take a downward spiral into a black bit of despair.

This is a great infograph on the effects of Sleep Deprivation on your health and don’t pass go and collect $200 without taking a look at the dangers from this Huff Post aritcle.


I asked around to some of the brightest natural living bloggers I know (who clearly have first hand experience on the matter) for their sage advice.


Boy and bear! Did I come back with a cauldron of wonderful home remedies, tips and tricks.


I hope this helps in your ongoing conquest to reach the Holy Grail of sleeping amongst the fluffy white clouds in la-la-land.

Sleep tight!

The Best Natural Sleep Remedies (Bonus tips from other Natural Living Bloggers!)


Tips from other Natural Living Bloggers


Thoughtful Cave Dad swears by “Bedtime Yogi tea”. It’s a delicious natural blend of herbs that have traditionally been used for centuries to promote relaxation and sleep.


Vivica from The Nourished Caveman recommends taking Kava and Magnesium Oil to promote restful sleep. I explain a little bit more about Magnesium further down. 


Kate’s Healthy Cupboard says, “Get blue light blocking glasses to wear at sundown! Blue light emitted from TV, Laptop, Ipad, Iphone, etc is similar to the blue light from the sun. The body thinks it’s time to get up, the sun is up! Your natural release of melatonin will not happen and sleep gets ruined.”


Live Simply has a great recipe for some Natural Epsom Bath Salts. Just the thought of a relaxing warm bath sends me to into a lullaby state. Kristin explains, “ The result of bathing in Epsom Salt and absorbing the magnesium are: improved sleep, concentration, and relaxed muscles.”


Spirit Healers offers up some totally zen meditative tips to prepare yourself for a restless doze of z’s. Read about them here.


Real Food Girl: Unmodified has a delicious recipe for a Liquid Lullaby Sleep Tonic. This looks so good I plan to drink it regardless!

Equipping herself with real food again, Kristine has effectively tackled her ongoing insomnia using the power of real food! You go girl! This Caramel Apple Nighttime Sleepy Snack is a clever concoction of well thought out ingredients!


Divine health looks at Adrenal Fatigue, a far too common problem that’s keeping many awake into the early dawn hours and offer up 7 tips to Promote better sleep. If you’ve also got some little kiddies, Lydia also explains the importance of developing bedtime rituals for your children.


Other recommendations included seeing an Acupuncturist or Chiropractor who can provide sleep therapies.

I personally can attest to the power of acupuncture. A good acupuncture session knocks me out!


As you know, we’re all unique individuals and our bodies may respond more positively or not at all to certain pieces of advice as mentioned above. Natural healing takes experimentation and time. Patience is key. Conventional medicine would have you believe that anything can be cured by taking a simple pill. Sadly, they often address the symptoms and miss the underlying problems that may cause one to experience a restless night, such as anxiety issues, depression, nutritional imbalances, stress or chronic illness to name a few. A holistic approach is required if you experience ongoing problems and seeking the advice of a professional practitioner is always recommended. For the odd restless night here and there, revert back to the age old thinking of traditional cultures who have seen to these natural remedies being passed down through the generations. There’s a reason they have lived on through the years!


My 5 Favourite Natural Sleep Remedies


1. Magnesium

I personally supplement with Natural Calm on the odd occasion when my muscles are feeling tense or sore as it’s a well known muscle relaxant. It’s not uncommon for soil magnesium levels to become depleted over time if not carefully managed, especially within commercial agriculture. It can easily be leeched from the soil as its subject to various cycling processes in agricultural ecosystems (Source). So it’s one mineral I feel justified in supplementing with as it’s so vital for a well functioning body.


2. Lavender Essential Oil

I love Lavender Essential Oil which helps me to relax and unwind with just a whiff. It has naturally occurring calming properties and a must have in any Natural Home Remedy Kit.


3. Epsom Salt Bath

A soothing and relaxing Epsom Salt bath works magic (another option to obtain Magnesium if you prefer not to supplement). Aided by some candles and relaxing music, I may have just died and gone to heaven.


4. A massage

This is by far a no brainer in my opinion. Grab your loved one, or anyone you can bribe for a few minutes, to give you a good rub. Nothing says I love you like a massage. Your body will feel like a relaxed pile of jelly afterwards.


5. Chamomile Tea

Some Chamomile tea is enough to calm my nerves and set me up for a restful night of sleep. It’s been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years and is also medicinally used to settle upset stomachs.

Note: It’s always best to check with your personal health care provider before self-prescribing any supplement or over the counter treatment.

What are your go-to home remedies to promote natural sleep?

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