Are Our Modern Lifestyles Making Us Sick?

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Are our modern lifestyles making us sick (a case for why it's not what you think) - The Urban Ecolife

This as a disclosure that I’m not a doctor and you should always consult a doctor for personal medical advice. I wanted to make that clear first as I am going to proceed talking about health and yes, it’s a touchy subject. But I’m only sharing my personal experience and a different perspective in hope of giving you some hope.


I have my own opinions about how our busy, stressful, highly-processed and carbon-intensive modern lifestyles are not only causing serious environmental problems, but are also wrecking havoc on our personal health and wellbeing. That’s no secret. Why do you think I write about everything that I do?


Some time ago, I reached out to you with the question about one thing you’re struggling with right now and an overwhelming number of you responded with personal health issues. 


This doesn’t surprise me. 


Many of you probably stumbled upon my blog having caught sight of the odd recipe or two that favors real, whole ingredients, only to discover what I write about goes so much deeper. I believe that we are creatures of nature and we aren’t separate from the systems of nature. What we see happening around us; the food crisis, environmental damage on an epic scale, climate change and an overabundance of greenhouse gas emissions is a reflection of a serious imbalance occurring in our own lives.


Are You Ignoring The Benefits of Solar Energy? (and What To Consider Before You Get A Solar Installation)

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Are You Ignoring The Benefits of Solar Energy? (and What To Consider Before You Get A Solar Installation) - The Urban Ecolife

Australia is officially the worst-performing industrial country in the world on climate change policy and action. One word. Ouch!

It’s embarrassing. As an Aussie, I’m ashamed that this is how we are presenting to the world stage. Sun-loving beach bums aside, I believe we need to get a few things straightened… for our own sake more than anyone else’s.



9 Common Leafy Greens You Didn’t Know You Could Eat

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9 Common Leafy Greens You Didn't Know You Could Eat from The Urban Ecolife

One thing that really bugs me these days (and yer, this may make you think I have no life but I’ll let that one slip), is when I walk by groceries stores and see all the vegetables with their leaves or tops chopped off. Dude, are you trying to rip me off! From this experience, my love for the farmers’ market only deepens where more often than not, they give you the WHOLE plant. Stepping it up a notch and better yet, growing my own where I decide the what and the how.


When I Stopped Consuming and Started Creating… My Life Changed.

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When was the last time you read a book (or blog post – hey look, you’re doing that now!)?


What about watching a live sports game or Youtube video? Or maybe you visited an art gallery or watched a live band?

Maybe it was a simple as seeing someone’s flourishing garden and desiring to grow your own food one day.


Through this process, did you stop to admire someone else’s talent, workmanship or skill?

You probably felt a pang of a admiration, jealousy even. You’re left wondering what they have that you do not. Maybe you even whispered a silent promise to go home and do something similarly inspirational.



The Truth About the Fashion Industry Stripped Down and Laid Out Bare-Naked

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The Truth About The Fashion Industry Stripped Down and Laid Out Bare-Naked

This is one topic I’ve been hesitant to talk about much.


Geeeez… can you imagine why?


I myself am guilty to the rotten core about having drooling envy for the latest threads being splashed across my Instagram feed. So what does one lass say to another about her ethical fashion faux pas?

Keep silent? Pretend that it’s not happening? Hypocritically criticize all the celebs and fashion haulers while you go about your day sneakily shopping online so no one sees you going about the task of contributing to our global melt down?


Dreaming of Travel? Why Not Volunteer Abroad On An Organic Farm?

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Volunteer abroad on an Organic Farm

Imagine waking up to sound of toucans in the lush green mountains of Costa Rica. A layer of mist hovering over the jungle as first sunlight gently wakes you from your slumber.


You spend your morning doing manual labor; digging, planting, catching fish, harvesting food, or whatever tasks need your attention that day. It’s sweaty and hard work but on the inside, it feels good to move; to use your body and feel energized to do so. Rewarded with a hearty lunch of local cuisine and an afternoon to swing in the hammock, read, do yoga, swim in the waterfalls, wander through the jungle or just sit and be present.


10 Foods To Put On Your Face That Bring a Whole New Meaning To Natural Skincare

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10 Foods To Put On Your Face for Natural Skincare

Hey Emily! You have food on your face.

I hear that a lot.


While my inability to place food inside my mouth is nothing short of toddler-worthy, I do intentionally put food on my face more often than it’s accidentally found there.


My Chai Banana Milkshake Brings All The Dairy-Free Boys to The Yard

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Chai Banana Milkshake (Dairy-Free)

I know those of you trapped in the Northern-sphere are probably just starting to recover from being bunked up in your houses escaping the blizzards. All I can think of is how amazing snow would be right now. Snowmen, snow cones, snow fights, snow angels, snow mobiles, snow, snow, snow! I’m one deprived snow child but I’m sure there’s something I’m clearly missing.